Projects tagged with health:

  • Google Symptom Search

    2011 tags: google health

    Since 2011 I have been working at an obscure web startup called Google. I’ve been working on various search projects, some of which have seen the light of day.

    One project I am particularly proud of is called symptom search. A lot of people use Google to search for their symptoms. Sometimes, it may even be time-critical or life threatening (such as a query for [chest pain]).

    To help users better understand the medical conditions associated with their search terms, symptom search shows you a list of conditions most relevant to your search terms when you seem to be searching for information about medical symptoms.

    Google Symptom Search

    We launched this is February 2012 and it has been helping many users find information about their symptoms.

  • Sana Telemedicine Platform

    2009 tags: health open-source

    Sana Telemedicine Platform

    Sana is open-source telemedicine software for Android. It allows field workers to treat or triage patients using simple workflows encoded on Android devices to gather data and send them to doctors (typically a partner hospital) over mobile networks. Doctors can review the uploaded data (pictures, text, audio, video, gps, ECG, pulse oximetry, etc.) and make recommendations and requests for more data.

    I was primarily responsible for the client and server side components of Sana, as well as integration of Sana with OpenMRS — a freely available, electronic medical record system. I also integrated Sana with a bluetooth enabled electrocardiogram device for Sana’s cardiovascular health pilot in India.

    I started the project with Zack Anderson in 2009 (originally called Moca) and it has taken on a life of its own since then. Implementation, deployment, and research using the Sana platform is now driven by the Clinical Decision Making Group at MIT CSAIL. There is a Sana class taught at MIT: HST.936: Global Health Informatics to Improve Quality of Care.